The Journey Begins

It was just last week that my fiancé, Carl, and I were talking about starting a blog. There are so many exciting events happening in our lives and also many people that ask us about them daily. So we decided to open up our journey to you! What does this mean? Everything is on the table. Wedding, house, future babes, life & love. You may read a recipe one day and the next an inspiring post on special quote or bible verse. You may see a before and after of a room in our house, and maybe a few snapshots from a football game we went to that weekend. Travel memories, book and movie reflections, product reviews, funny stories, the list goes on.

From engaged couple, to husband and wife, to mom and dad. I hope this blog can become a testament to living a real, faith-based, healthy, happy life, with the occasional bad day of course! You'll see posts from both Carl and I depending on who has something say that day, so be prepared for some posts with a male point-of-view! Someday I want to be able to look back through these pages and smile.

So where did the name "Something Jersey" come from you ask? Well, last weekend Carl and I went out to eat at a little Mexican restaurant (one of our favorite cuisines). While we were savoring the fresh guacamole and baked tortilla chips we were throwing out name ideas.

Me: "It has to be something Jersey, since we live here and most of the things we do will be here in Jersey." 
Carl: "How about that? Something Jersey?"
Me: "Hmm, okay, I like that!"

Simple as that. Most of our discussions are not that easy, but this one seemed effortless. Maybe it was meant to be? We'll find out in years to come, but FIRST, we have a wedding to finish planning, and my is it coming up fast! 87 days left, and lots to do. 

Check out some of our engagement photos from our shoot last Summer with our amazing photographer, Matt!

Have Faith in the Journey


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