New Beginnings

Hello. My name is Carl, Natalie's husband to be. This is my first post on Something Jersey. Just to give you a little insight about me, I am a very outgoing, fun, positive, slightly goofy but caring guy. I have an interest in almost everything. My life has been blessed and I am forever grateful to have found the love of my life, Natalie. We are in the process of so many exciting things including planning our wedding and buying our first home. I just want to acknowledge how creative, smart, and hardworking she is. Without her, all of these things couldn't be possible. This week has been a bit challenging and overwhelming. I try to always cheer Natalie up with some of my corny humor. Laughter is always the best remedy. As our wedding date approaches and when we get settled in our home, so many decisions have to be made and new responsibilities will be taken on. I am confident and believe that as long as we stick together, remain positive and have fun, everything will always work out. Once we get settled in our new home, we have a ton of home improvement projects in mind. First, we are going to paint everything, do some tile work, and put in a new vanity in the bathroom. Eventually, we are going to upgrade our kitchen appliances hopefully toward the end of the year. I am going to attempt the DIY method with a strong emphasis on "attempt" hoping that I can add some character and modernize some rooms without totally obliterating the place. I have not yet ventured into handyman work but I am very eager to learn and develop. It goes back to having confidence in yourself. Enjoy your day!


  1. Congratulations on your NEW First Home!! How Exciting!


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