Brick Farm Market

What a great New Jersey find!

Already had taken a bite and spilled crumbs from my falafel wrap before I remembered to snap a pic!
Two weeks ago I took a random day off of work to catch up on wedding and house things (kind of a bit overwhelming trying to work full time, plan a wedding for 200+ people, and purchase and redo a condo at the same time).

For lunch we decided to try something new. I had seen a place in Hopewell, New Jersey before called Brick Farm Market, so we decided to give it a try. So glad we did!

This place has all kinds of local fare. Meats, cheeses, produce, along with a coffee bar, juice bar, bakery and cafe menu, so much to choose from. I was tempted to get a juice or a coffee, but we had intended to come for lunch so we headed toward the cafe section where you can eat in the market or outside. There were a ton of choices, both in the case freshly made salads etc., to made to order, all made with ingredients that are in-season and mostly Jersey fresh from local farms. We decided to order the Reuben with sweet potato fries and this delicious falafel wrap. Both had unique names and had other things than just the normal reuben or falafel wrap, but I can't remember the specifics. The taste, however, was unforgettable, and I will definitely be back.

But... don't expect to have the same thing I did because their menu changes weekly. Being that they use what is in season, it is constantly being changed up. I happen to love this kind of place. You never get bored, it forces you to step out of getting "the usual" and makes you try something new.

I also happen to love that they had "Natalie's Lemonade" in the fridge for sale. Yeah, I make lemonade now... just kidding. This tasted awesome though, and it made me happy to see only three ingredients listed on the back, water, lemons and pure cane sugar. All natural. All delicious, as goes for anything in this place.



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