My Bridal Shower!

They got me! This weekend, August 10th, was the second time on record that I was completely surprised. First time was when I got engaged back in December of 2012. I was almost 100% sure my shower was going to be August 24th, because I just had gotten a few inklings from my mom and Carl that it was the day, but I was wrong!

Carl and I started out the day going to church as we always do on Sunday, my favorite part! Afterward we grabbed a bite to eat and stopped at my house, where I first started suspecting that my shower was that day. Then we headed to our new condo to attempt to scrape the "popcorn" texture off our ceilings. That last part didn't happen, oh well. Carl turned down an unfamiliar road, to a country club. That was when I started really got a feeling that it was shower day. I still was a little confused because I didn't see any familiar cars in sight, even though in the back of my mind I knew what was coming.

Still, when the lady opened the doors, I was taken aback when all my close friends and family shouted, "Surprise!!"

My mom and all my bridesmaids worked so hard to put together a beautiful shower, and it was perfect, and I am beyond thankful!

Check out some photos below.

My Grandma & Grammy. I love them and was so happy to have them both at my shower!

So absolutely grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity. Cannot thank everyone enough!

My amazing bridal party!

My soon to be mom-in-law and my mom!

Longtime girlfriends!

Cousins! Each of us were the only girl in our families so we consider each other "sisters". (:


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