Invitation Assembly Done Right

One of the wedding to-do items that I am most excited about is the invitations. Once those babies go out, the countdown is really winding down! What I did not realize about the invitations is that with them comes a lot of other to-dos, including assembly. I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered these, but everything came in a giant box all in separate pieces and somebody has to put them together. I thought it would be easy. Ha, ha, joke's on me!

The task was pretty daunting, so I enlisted the help of three of my closest friends two of which are bridesmaids! Let me tell you, when someone offers help, take it! If my mom and I were to assemble those things by ourselves, we would have been sitting at our dining room table for two days. Of course, when you have helpers don't forget to repay them with hospitality, it is the least you can do!

Since everyone came over in the late afternoon, pre-dinner snacks were the way to go. Some of the goodies I set out included:

Three different types of cheeses, sliced.
Apple slices.
Fresh baked Multi-Grain Beer Bread.
Spinach & Herb dip.
Feisty Fajita dip.
Baked Tortilla Chips.
Baked Potato Chips.
Baby Carrots.
Chopped Strawberries.
Gourmet Dark & Milk Chocolate.

Oh, and can't forget the red wine! There is winery right outside of New Jersey in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that's called Sand Castle Winery, they make a delicious sweet red that tastes just like sangria, without the hassle of making sangria! The wine is called Claret and if you're ever in the area do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle. You'll thank me later. Doesn't hurt that the winery is in a gorgeous location overlooking the Delaware River.

Anyway, we set up everything on the table, claimed our assembly duties and then got to snacking. After that it was straight to work. No one left until around 7:30pm, so it took a good three hours to do the job. In the end, the invitations look beautiful and I can't wait to send them out in a few weeks! You'll have to see what they look like in a later post, but for now here are a few photos from last Saturday.

Oh and by the way... Praise God for great friends and an amazing mom! 
(These girls and I go way back, 2nd, 4th & 5th grade!)


  1. The snacks were delicious & went so well together! You have great taste! What a wonderful day!


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