A New Chapter: Our First Home!

Last Friday was a monumental day for Carl and me. We are now proud homeowners! For me, I always figured someday I would own something but I would probably have to rent first. Carl on the other hand had a dream of owning a home by the time he was 25. That dream came true just a few months after turning 25.

Our new home is still in New Jersey but closer to both of our jobs in a lovely little community with lots of paths to walk, a tennis court and a community pool. I am excited because I will now be within 10 minutes of both a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s, which happen to be my two favorite food stores. Garlicky Kale salad here I come! Woohoo. (;

Before we move we have a lot of work to do. The place is in really great condition to live in now, but we want to paint the walls and tile the bathroom and kitchen floors. We want to make it our own. That means you will be seeing some home improvement/d├ęcor posts in the next two months. Look out!


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